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Rare Fare

Branding, Logo Design, Sketching

Published: November 2012




Rare Fare is an authentic exotic meats eatery which specializes in out of-the-ordinary menu items. The mission is to create an unforgettable unique dining experiences while exposing customers to products that are not typically easy to access. 


I had the pleasure of creating a new visual identity that called attention to the brand and lived up to the reputation of its food. The brand identity and marketing collateral have been revised to all work seamlessly together. From the stationery to the menus, the website to the packaging the thing that ties them all together is the logo. 

The logo is created in a stacked style that appears substantial. This gives the impression of weight, dimension, and substance. Although it is not animated, it is obvious that there is an element of fire that the entire form is centered around. The fire represents flames ever-present in the grilling preparation of all items served within the restaurant. 

STEP 1 - Concept Sketches

STEP 2 - Progression

Logo Fig. 1

Fig 1.1

Fig 1.2

Fig 1.3

Fig 1.4

Logo Fig. 2
Logo Fig. 3
Logo Fig. 4

After what seemed like hundreds of sketches and countless revisions we finally arrived on a winner. As you can see it came quite a bit away from the original "obvious" solutions which included everything but the kitchen sink. The final version is a compilation of all the pieces that help make up the brand in its simplest form. 


STEP 3 - Color Selection

Pantone 158U

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0
R: 255 G: 255 B: 255


Pantone 158U

C: 0 M: 61 Y: 98 K: 0
R: 253 G: 155 B: 51


Pantone Cool Grey 2U

C: 0   M: 0  Y: 0  K: 10

R: 230  -  G: 231 - B232

Pantone 877U

C: 36   M: 28  Y: 27 - K: 0

R: 153  G: 153  B153 


Logo Color Breakdown

Pure Black

C: 0   M: 0  Y: 0  K: 100

R: 0   G: 0  B


STEP 4 - Font Selection

Brand Typography

Finished Logo

Finished Brand Logo
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