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Ion Glass Bluelight

Marketing, Layout, Image Manipulation

Published: April 2015



As people spend more time each day in front of their various digital screens, the need to protect their optical health is becoming increasingly important. Looking closely at iPhones, iPads and iMacs (pretty much anything with an i in the title) for extended periods of time can lead to longterm damage to one's eyes. What many don't realize is that while you might not pyhsically be able to see it, there is an entire spectrum of ultra-violet light that is actual detrimental to your vision.

Fear not. Liquipel's Ion-Glass with Blue Light Protection is here to to save...your eyes. The newest addition to the product line up features blue-light blocking technology that allows consumers to use their device safely; yet is thin enough to go almost undetected. This product sheet was essential in calling out important features and educating retailers who were interested in adding it to their product matrix. Simple visual icons were created to represent statistical information and a duotone color pallete with hints of rainbow spectrums keeps the message visually appealing while staying true to the brand. 

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