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4th of July Shipping E-blast

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CLIENT:  Liquipel Watersafe Technology

CAMPAIGN:  Free shipping has become a competitive necessity for many online retailers. Studies show that nearly 52 percent of American shoppers have added items to their e-shopping cart to qualify for free shipping resulting in a higher average order. When free shipping offers include a minimum purchase threshold — like $25, $50, or $75 — some shoppers will add items to their carts just to make the cut. 

With this information in mind Liquipel launched it's "Free for the Fourth" free shipping email campaign directed at it's loyal base of 12,000 e-subscribers and social media followers. Since the majority of the companies product offerings cost $25 or more, consumers would need to purchase a combination of 2-3 products to hit the sweet spot of $59.99 before checking out. 

PUBLISHED:  July 2015 via Campaigner


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